Ambitious school facility capital bond is proposed for Friendship, 联盟, Waldoboro, 沃伦, 华盛顿的纳税人


    第40学区, comprising K-12 public schools for students from Friendship, 联盟, Waldoboro, 沃伦和华盛顿, 11月要求选民. 批准一项8100万美元的支出计划. 这笔资金将来自债券, although the district has cited the possibility of seeking state and federal grants to help with the cost.

    有关该债券的公开听证会定于10月9日举行. 下午6点在梅多马克谷高中.m.

    Projects included in the proposed funding package include MVHS renovations, 比如耗资900万美元新建的前门, and investing in energy efficiency upgrades and maintenance plans at all of six elementary, 初中和高中.

    Objectives laid out by the district are to improve air quality, 符合用水标准, 电气和管道规范, reduce electricity costs and improve building infrastructures.

    项目清单包括停车场重铺路面, 建造公共汽车车库, 翻新中环合署步行道, bleacher and hoop repairs at Medomak Valley Middle School, and playground upgrades at Friendship Village School, 华伦社区学校, 以及华盛顿的普雷斯科特纪念学校.

    今年, enrollment across the RSU 40 district is approximately 1,800 students. The largest school is Medomak Valley High School with 550 students, followed by Medomak Middle School with 273 students. RSU 40的每个小镇都有自己的小学.

    The financial structure of the bond proposes a 25-year bond with an estimated 4.6 percent interest rate, taking the final cost to approximately $130 million. (在这里查看估计付款)

    在下面的图表中, RSU 40 has estimated local tax increases associated with the bond for each $100,000 of property valuation for each of the first seven years of the 25-year life of the bond. Updated estimates were provided at the October 5 School Board Meeting are presented below and are available by clicking 在这里 

    屏幕% 20 % 207在% % 20 202023-10-20.17.23%20PM.png

    The tax burden is proportional to each town’s student population. 举个例子, 在2029-2030财政年度, a property owner with a home in Friendship assessed at $300,000 will pay $678 to help pay off the loan in that year. The same home valuation in 沃伦 will pay $1,131 to service the bond in that year.  

    2023年8月和9月, school board representatives presented the plans to each RSU 40 town’s Select Board. Select Board members and residents in 沃伦 and Waldoboro voiced concerns about the bond at recent respective meetings.

    根据 9月. 5分钟的沃尔多伯勒遴选委员会会议, Select Board Member Michael Thayer questioned whether the “extra space” requested for Miller School and MVHS were necessary.

    Board member John Blodgett said t在这里 were “many unanswered questions,” and Board member Robert Butler described the requested package as a “wish list”. 

    Board member Abden Simmons voiced agreement with the concerns.

    第二天晚上,沃伦特别委员会 对拟议中的债券表达了类似的担忧.

    Select Board Member Jan MacDonald said the request is a “huge wish list” and asked if teachers had input in this budget. 

    Select Board Chair John Crabtree said the tax increase would “be a hard pill to swallow for most residents.” 

    居民Ed Laflamme说, “a 25-year load for paving the parking lots when they will need to be paved up to two times before the loan will be even paid off is ridiculous.”