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Killer Road Trip: Outdoor Halloween haunts, walks & 在这个州到处爬


    MAINE—Calling Midcoast people: there will be numerous Halloween-themed events around the Midcoast as we’ve compiled in our annual “万圣节概要”的文章. 然而, if you feel like packing up the costumes 和 the car, we’ve got the best outdoor events for every energy level 在整个州. 看看吧:



    (Energy level: Daytime; prefer to be home by dinnertime.)

    • 南瓜补丁: Want to go on a road trip to a farm 和 search for The Great Pumpkin? 这里有一些最好的 南瓜补丁 在整个州.
    • 可怕的清道夫 Hunt at Fort Knox in Prospect: this event (Oct. 21 22, 28 & 29) is geared toward the younger monster hunters who search through historic Fort Knox’s dark passageways 和 creepy rooms to check off their list.  从10a开始.m. 到下午4点.m. FMI: Details
    • 缅因女巫步道: This event at the Bangor Waterfront Walking Park on Saturday, Oct. 28 .要求…… 所有的女巫. 步行从下午12:30开始.m. 到下午4点.m. 妖精市场在下午12:30开门.m. Grab your brooms, hats 和 walking/dancing boots. FMI: Details
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    (Energy level: Up for anything; party into the wee witching hours)

    • 波特兰缅因州官方酒吧爬行: This is a pub crawl that spans three days (Oct. 21, 27 & 28) in downtown Portl和 和 includes “trick-or-treating from bar to bar, 令人毛骨悚然的装饰品, 还有南瓜雕刻. You'll be dancing the night away amidst the eerie atmosphere.” 21+ only 和 drinks are included with the ticket. 剧情: Details
    • 万圣节夜派对: The Children’s Museum in Portl和 is hosting a Halloween After-Dark that’s not for children but for kids at heart. This is a Halloween-themed evening of costumes, 丹药, 成人不给糖就捣蛋, 活动, 在博物馆可以看到更多 & 剧院的开业晚会将于10月11日星期五举行. 从7点到10点.m. FMI: Details
    • H万圣节酒吧爬行: 在周六, 10月28日, while I’m told the official Hallowell pub crawl is off this year, it’s apparently not stopping anyone from strolling the streets in costume, 去酒吧喝一杯, 和 then hitting Easy Street's Costume Party with the b和 R和om Ideas at 9 p.m. 和 the Maine House with the b和 Stealing Sunday from 7 to 10 p.m. FMI: Details



    • 法明顿惊吓节, 法明顿的室内/室外活动, “is an immersive journey through the darkest reaches of humanity.” Multiple attractions include multiple haunted houses, The Cabin, The Crematorium, 和 Mr. 混乱的大理石迷宫. 星期五和星期六,10月. 20, 21, 27 & 10月28日(周日)有一场特别活动. 晚上6:30到10:30.m. FMI: Details
    • 鬼屋美景庄园 is an indoor/outdoor haunted attraction in Lebanon. “As you travel through the creepy dark woods of Lebanon Maine, 你会经过一些墓地, 乡下人棚屋, 屠宰场, 美景殡仪馆, 和更多的!“10月周四至周日开放. 从1点到9点.m. FMI: Details机票信息
    • 灵魂之刑 & 恐怖之路 is a haunted woods walk in Saco each October weekend plus additional dates Oct. 29, 30 & 从晚上6:30到9:30.m. 成人票价为20美元. FMI: Details
    • 服装巡航: Fogg’s Water Taxi in Portl和 will give us a killer tour of Casco Bay on Saturday, Oct. 28, Purpler的现场舞曲. 这个活动是21+和自带的,从下午4点到7点.m. There will be a couple of prizes for the best costumes. FMI: Details
    • Tweworgy家庭果园的夜间迷宫: Nothing scary or haunted about this particular maze, but what maze at night isn’t scary? 玉米之子,任何人? 营业时间是晚上6点到9点.m. FMI: Details


    如果喝了酒,可以拼车. 万圣节快乐!