Knox County deed transfers

Sun, 10/22/2023 - 8:30pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded in the Knox County Registry of Deeds Oct. 16-20.    


    Toni Clark to Joanne G. Scata and Philip E. Scata.


    Elizabeth L. Williamson Tr. and Marital Trust for Louise Williamson to Elizabeth L. Williamson.

    Gary H. Benner and Rhonda A. Benner to Lucas R. Benner and Lindsay E. Smerdon.

    Owls Head

    Louis M. Leach and Agnes M. Leach to Louis M. Leach.


    William A. Kirk to Tracy Michael Igo and Andrea Bowman Igo.

    Charles Simkin and Drew Aklestad Simkin to Edward Quinn.

    Galen N. Whited to Natalie G. Marte and Samuel H. Derene.

    Sarah C. Webber and Andrew C. Webber to Joyce Betts.


    Gene E. Philbrick to Nancie L. Morgan.

    Alan J. Stevens to James W. Stevens and Maureen Stevens.

    Virginia G. Carboy to Virginia G. Carboy Tr. and Virginia G. Carboy Trust.

    Gail M. Simonetti Est. and Gayle M. Simonetti Est. to Walter Kiesow and Jaime Kiesow.

    Andrew Morlet to Madeline Josephine Morlet and Benjamin Jacob Fowlie.

    Jeanne Hertz Family Trust and Jeanne K. Hertz Tr. to Laurie Tibbetts.

    Deniz Ovecoglu and Mary E. Ovecoglu to Charles S. Costello and Elizabeth Cunningham.

    Daryl A. Briggs Living Trust, Pamela M. Briggs Tr., and Erik Allison Briggs Tr. to Pamela M. Briggs Tr., Erik Allison Briggs Tr., and Briggs Family Trust.

    Michael A. Coutu Tr. and Michael A. Coutu Trust 2000 to Joseph F. McOnald III Tr., GST Exempt Self Settled Separate Family Trust.

    St. George

    George M. Wayland and Tina Wayland to Susan Low.

    Geoffrey L. Bladon and Daila L. Bladon to Elizabeth K. Pinnick.

    Tabbitha L. Johnston to Ray A. Mayo and Elaine E. Mayo.

    South Thomaston

    Gage Hargrove to Bethany Hargrove.

    G and Gigi LLC to John Haible.

    Carey A. Mills to Maine Lobster and Processing LLC.


    Stuart F. Trout to Stephen H. Boivin Jr.


    Howard E. Hugo Est. to Sophie Starr.


    Mary Lou Akers to Mary Lou Akers and Keith D. Akers.

    Lucinda S. Ahlholm to Tracy B. Ahlholm.

    Karen E. Clunie, Karen E. Salenius, and Karen Lyn Salenius to Karen Lyn Salenius Tr. and Karen L. Salenius Living Trust Dated October 111, 2022.

    Marvin A. Lewis and Donna M. Lewis to Sarah Burgess and Kristian Burgess.

    Jeffrey Bellmore, Abby Bellmore, and Kathleen L. Bellmore to Jason C. Markwith.

    Bradley Overlock to Holly T. Overlock and Bradley D. Overlock.

    Dennis R. Sawyer to Dennis R. Sawyer and Dianne C. Sparks Sawyer.


    Keith Klein to Keith Klein and Linda A. Klein.

    Darlene Saunders to Brent A. Boynton and Gregory A. Boynton.

    Erik Hedberg to Johnathan Parker.

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