Melvin B. Wallace, obituary


FRIENDSHIP — 梅尔文·本杰明·华莱士, 90, of Friendship, passed away at Togus V.A. 2023年7月18日,缅因州奥古斯塔的临终关怀医院.

Dad quietly suffered the symptoms of what was recently diagnosed as esophageal cancer. He was hospitalized 4 weeks before his death and received excellent care. His diagnosis was the worst news of his life yet he kept his wit and sense of humor becoming a favorite patient of wing 3 North. 他的滑稽动作和机智使护士们忙得不可开交. Their names were listed on his dry erase board by order of his preference and they joyfully competed for spot #1.

Born Oct. 28, 1932, 就在他长期居住的友谊之家以东不远的地方, he was the only child of Alton M and Gertrude L (Creasey) Wallace. The home he was raised in became his own when he returned to care for his elderly parents. He was a devoted son caring for them until their passing and lovingly tending flowers at their grave each year.

爸爸于2月9日入伍. 16, 1951. He served during the Korean War in France and Germany and was honorably discharged Feb. 1, 1954. He was a member of the Friendship VFW Post #3095 for over 30 years, serving as Chaplain when needed. He was greatly saddened to see his VFW dissolve as members passed away and membership dwindled. He was also a member of the American Legion in Thomaston for 50 years and donated to various organizations, 支持退伍军人, 在他一生中. 

爸爸在沃顿的地板铺装店工作, of Rockland, for 15 years installing flooring in many businesses and homes on the mainland and islands nearby. He learned this trade on the job and when Wotton’s closed struck out on his own to start Mel’s Flooring. 父亲后来被介绍到沃伦·巴勒公司. 开始了他的库珀生涯. He loved this craft and when the company was sold he set up his barn in Friendship and called it Mel’s Cooper Shop. 他为缅因桶公司制造雪松木桶和木桶, Cedar Works, Warren Barrel and to sell to anyone who needed a genuine cedar barrel. 他还修理人们带到他店里的木桶.  Along with coopering he took on a courier route for Damariscotta Bank & 信任将银行文件从一家分行传递到另一家分行. 

爸爸过着简单的十大网赌网址,没有物质和财富. 他喜欢打槌球, 猫头鹰头交通博物馆, 与家人共度时光, 朋友和美食. 他很会用管道胶带, bungie cords, zip ties, elastics, 各种尺寸的弹簧、夹子和夹子. He could make something out of nothing and occasionally nothing out of something! 他忠实地阅读班戈每日新闻, the Upper Room, 他的《十大网赌网址》和一个字谜总是放在椅子旁边. His hobby of recording with cassettes left us a treasure box of voices we haven’t heard in decades.  

在他的生命中有一些特别的朋友. 他的邻居厄尔·巴舍德总是照看着爸爸, plowing snow, mowing grass, 在紧急情况下进行房屋维修和救援. Eugene Leino was an Army buddy who lived in Norway Me with his wife Avis. 他们保持着联系,不时地互相拜访. After Eugene passed Avis and Dad spent several years enjoying jigsaw puzzling, 填色页面和一些网站浏览. 他喜欢和沃伦·西尔维斯特一起逛跳蚤市场, 拜访亚瑟·亚当斯, 他在海外退伍军人的朋友, 迪克·黑斯廷斯和他共用一条快递路线等等. Most of his friends passed before him and he kept their obituaries out of respect.

他身后留下了几个孩子, 马里兰州的亨利·华莱士, 辛西娅·哈里斯和她的丈夫沃伦的安德鲁, 《十大网赌网址》里的里昂·华莱士, a bonus daughter, Deanna (Davis) Guruge of New Hampshire and the mother of his children Anna-Gay (Ames) Sellars of Owls Head. His grandchildren are Heidi (Harris) Lash of Friendship and Shawn Wallace of Union. Bonus granddaughters (Deanna’s girls) Devanne and Teischan Guruge. He still considered Deidre (Doherty) Wallace of Union his daughter-in-law and her daughter Jana Doherty a grandchild. 

Dad was delighted to have 7 great grandchildren: Heidi and Isaac Lash’s family of Anderson Lopez-Harris, Ivy Lash, 保罗·华莱士·拉什和克莱顿·拉什. Shawn Wallace’s family of Sydne Wallace, Theodore Melvin Wallace and Raegan Wallace. 


There will be a celebration of life for Dad on Nov, 4, 2023, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.在友谊的哈恩社区中心. 来分享一段回忆,一起吃顿便饭. 

Dad loved flowers but would rather have donations made in his memory to the Town of Friendship Library Expansion Fund or the Friendship Fire Dept.,地址都是邮政信箱207 Friendship ME 04547.