MRC and Belfast’s Tennis for Fun teams excel at Special Olympics


LEWISTON — Midcoast Recreation Center’s (MRC) Tennis for Fun Team participated in the Special Olympics at Bates College in Lewiston on October 3, 2023. The MRC and Belfast Tennis for Fun athletes competed in several divisions: Skills, 橙色和绿色单打球, 和红球双打.

技能比赛, participants demonstrated various skills including serves, 截击, 力量, 等. Samantha Herring won the gold medal; Darrin Cushman and Mary Putansu received silver medals; Jonathan Keene and Ellen Murname received bronze medals; Jeremy White placed 4th; Leesa Carpenter and Amy Stevens placed 5th; 凯蒂 Kunn placed 6th; and Lillian Kunn placed 7th.

在橙球单打赛中, Ronnie Vanasse won the gold medal; Destiny Winslow received the silver medal; Glen Smith placed 4th; Shane Roberts came in 5th; and 斯科特 Achorn placed 6th.

In the green ball singles division, Cody Herard won the silver medal.

In the Red Ball doubles divisions, Abby Flagg & 克里斯托·安德森和特拉维斯·潘恩 & Toby Jones won silver medals; Kelly Aldus & jennifer Farrar和Michael Kunn & Myles Frederick won bronze medals; Dina Snape & Brandi Place placed 4th; Melvin Achorn & Ada Rackliff placed 5th; and Caroline Duda & 凯瑟琳·库恩排名第六.

All of the athletes showed determination, 耐力, 和技能, and have improved significantly this year, 根据MRC, 在新闻发布会上.

Tennis for Fun is a volunteer-run program held on Monday afternoons at Midcoast Recreation Center, and also in Belfast on Friday afternoons. 21年来, athletes with cognitive disabilities have been learning to play tennis through Tennis for Fun. The program was founded by Nathan Moore, and serves approximately 50 athletes each week between MRC and Belfast. Tennis for Fun also has 18 locations throughout the United States. MRC提供球场时间和教练, and local community members donate their time and equipment as well.

MRC的教练是Candy Smiley, 拉娜Arau, 莎拉·格伦, 朱迪·摩尔, 克里斯汀王, 莎拉Efird, 海蒂苔藓, 亚历克斯·多德, 玛吉·米切尔和黛安·雷德利, 和克里特·斯图尔特.

The Belfast coaches are Cheryl Hathaway and 朱迪·摩尔.

The program is free and open to anyone who qualifies for special Olympics. If you would like more information, contact 朱迪·摩尔 at 813-417-3751.