Multiple law enforcement agencies respond to forest ranger’s request for assistance

Reportedly heard two shots while investigating illegal tree cutting
星期一,05/06/2024 -晚上9:15

    UNITY — Members of multiple law enforcement agencies responded to a forest ranger’s request for assistance May 6, 大约1点.m., according to a media release from Waldo County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Cody Laite.

    Waldo County Regional Communications Center received a notification that a Maine Forest Service ranger needed assistance at a residence at 118 Jacy Place in Unity. The ranger had initially responded to the area to investigate illegally cut trees when he was “confronted by at least two gunshots being discharged one of which in his direction,据Lt说。. Laite释放. Neither shot struck the ranger, who radioed for assistance.

    Members of the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office, 缅因州警察, 缅因州典狱长服务处, and Maine Forest Service responded to the scene. Specialty services used at the scene included a Forest Service helicopter and the MSP tactical team. 

    Sharod D. 帕克, 38, 团结的, was arrested for reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon and transported to Waldo County Jail.

    A search warrant was issued and executed on the residence in question, where additional evidence was seized by members of the WSO and MFS. 

    According to the media release, the incident remains under investigation and additional details will be released at a later date.