Waldo County divorces

Sun, 10/22/2023 - 9:45am

    BELFAST — The following divorces were recently recorded in Belfast District Court. 

    Aubrey E. Mueller, of Montville, and Andrew Mueller, of Belfast, were married May 26, 2013, in Henniker, New Hampshire, and divorced Sept. 1.

    Jose F. Carreira, of Winterport, and Kristen L. Carreira, of Brewer, were married Sept. 13, 2014, in Dedham and divorced Sept. 25.

    Scott Ryan, of Knox, and Laurie Ryan, of Thomaston, were married Aug. 2, 2014, in Hope and divorced July 7. 

    Benjamin E. Zollman, of Islesboro, and Krysti L. Zollman, of Islesboro, were married Aug. 14, 2015, on Islesboro and divorced Sept. 20. 

    Katie A. Martin, of Horseheads, New York, and Joshua M. Martin, of Winterport, were married May 12, 2012, in Tioga, New York, and divorced Sept. 7. 

    Anna M. Taylor, of Searsmont, and Christopher S. Antkowski, of Belmont, were divorced Sept. 7. 

    Kelly M. Hathaway, of Searsport, and Joseph Hathaway, of Hemphill, Texas, were married July 24, 2008, in Hampton, New Hampshire. 

    Chad Corbin, of Searsport, and Joanne Corbin, of Searsport, were married May 14, 2001, in Swanville and divorced Sept. 13. 

    Kaitlyn E. Oliveira, of Belfast, and Cory J.E. Oliveira, of Belfast, were married Sept. 5, 2020, and divorced Sept. 25. 

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