letter to the editor

I'll vote for Kaitlin Callahan and Nate Davis, and look forward to them leading us into our future

Tue, 10/24/2023 - 9:00am

Once again, Rockland has four good candidates running for our City Council, any one of them would serve us very well.

But, we can only vote for two of them, so here's what I'm thinking. Three of them have already served on the Council, it's probably time to get someone new in there.

They did a good job while they were on there, but it's time for some younger people to step up and get involved. Let's get some “new blood,” and maybe some new ways of dealing with our same old problems. I

've talked at length with Kaitlin Callahan, and she's not just younger, she's impressive, and has a good grasp of the challenges ahead of us. I'm excited to be able to vote for her.

And then I have to pick a second to vote for, so I'll go with the next youngest, Nate Davis. It doesn't hurt that I also think that he's one of the smartest people I know. He's one of those rare people that instantly sees both side of an issue, and makes decisions after gathering all of the available information.

So, I'm pleased to have two stellar, younger candidates for City Council, I'll vote for Kaitlin Callahan, and Nate Davis, and look forward to them leading us into our future.

Ed Glaser lives in Rockland