letter to the editor

Join me in voting no on the RSU 40 school bond issue

Tue, 10/24/2023 - 7:00pm

If we really care about our children, shouldn’t we be worried about burdening them with more debt and higher taxes? 

RSU 40 has proposed an $81 million school bond that residents in the towns of Warren, Washington, Waldoboro, Union and Friendship will be forced to pay back over the next 25 years.  That is a lot of money. 

Admist our current housing crisis, how does this make sense? 

For the time being, I think we owe it to our children and grandchildren to avoid this heavy burden of debt.  A better educational outcome is not guaranteed by throwing money with this proposal, but it will raise taxes and push homeownership further out of reach for many. 

Please join me in voting no on the RSU 40 school bond issue.  Early voting has already started at your town office; no need to wait until November 7.

Sonja Sleeper lives in Waldoboro