Marcel Lacasse Memorial Golf Tournament raises scholarship funds


For over 37 years the Rockland Rotary Club has sponsored the Marcel Lacasse Memorial Golf Tournament to raise funds to provide scholarships to deserving area high school seniors. This year Rockland Rotary gave $1,500 to each of the 11 exceptional local high school senior applicants.

“再一次, our tournament was a huge success thanks to the generous support from such a caring community,罗克兰扶轮说, 在新闻发布会上. “Rockland Rotary would like to thank all the Sponsors, 球员, and In-Kind Gifts that made this fundraising another successful event.”

实物捐赠:谢泼德汽车公司, 怪癖GMC /雪佛兰, 鲍勃鸟, Bixby, 有限责任公司(Kate McAleer), 班戈储蓄(加文·埃利奥特), Ferolyn柯蒂斯, 罗纳德·Frontin, 《十大网赌网址》(亚历克斯·普拉默), 萨莫塞特(康妮·罗素) & 萨拉,亚历克斯, & Bobby), Debbie Morrison, Dead River (Jeremy Daigle), F.W. Webb, Maritime Energy, Megunticook Golf, Michael Curtis, J. 马克药剂师, 杰夫Boutaugh, 黛安娜Zollo, Adreth Rackliffe, 克伦托尔伯特, 卡洛琳Philbrook, 和特纳·华莱士.

双鹰赞助商: Acadia, Bayview Financial, Berkley Insurance Co.卡罗尔·哈珀 & Associates, Dead River, and Edward Jones Investments.

鹰的赞助商: Edward Jones Investments, Fisher Engineering, Maritime Energy.

小鸟赞助商:柯利律师事务所. (杰伊·柯利). L. Spear, Glen Cove Dentistry (Mike Hersom), Horch Roofing, Mr. Tire和东部的轮胎.

PAR赞助商: Continuum, Floor Magic, J. Edward Knight, and Kermit Voncannon.

Marcel LaCasse Memorial Golf Tournament Results:

1st Place Gross (54)- Gil Fifield, Phil Fowler, Karl Enroth, and Kieren L.
1st Place NET (53)- Aaron Dennison, Bryan Lucius, Russ Richards, Chris Prescott.
2nd Place Gross (58)- Neal Shepard, Jesse Johnson, Randy Raynes, Austin Cunningham.
2nd Place Net (58)- Danny Harper, Carter Pearl, Jay Pearl, David Woodbury.
Closest to Pin #11 (Ladies)- Candy Queen, -9’
Closest to Pin #11 (Men)- Jay Pearl, 12”


Hole-in-one- Becky Gamage, Kendra Brown, and Mike LaHaye