letter to the editor

What Rockland needs

Tue, 10/24/2023 - 9:00am

I am writing today in support of Kaitlin Callahan for Rockland City Council. As someone who lives and works in Rockland, it is obvious that someone like Kaitlin is needed to help support this community.

I began my career in social services in 2018 and have worked in Rockland for the entirety of that time. Through this work, I have met many amazing people who share my passion for serving this community. Though we have not worked for the same organizations, Kaitlin’s name is one I soon became familiar with. It became obvious to me how much Katilin Callahan cares for Rockland. She participates in countless community meetings, attends community events, and truly lives out the values she has shared in her campaign.

Most recently, I connected with Kaitlin while helping set up an emergency warming shelter in preparation for Storm Lee in September. I joined the volunteer roster last minute and could only help for a short time, compared to Kaitlin, a core organizer of this shelter, and part of the community group that has been creating plans such as this for many months. As Kaitlin and I set up a medical supplies table, we talked about Rockland and the challenges it is facing. Kaitlin did not use this as a chance to create a platform or campaign for a vote; she spoke candidly and from the heart about what is needed for the city of Rockland and its residents to survive and thrive.

That conversation, along with the work I have been lucky enough to witness Kaitlin do over the years show me that Callahan for City Council is not a campaign that utilizes buzzwords to tell people what they want to hear. Kaitlin truly believes in supporting Rockland and knows how to take action. Every day I see the challenges our city faces. Both personally and professionally, I am witnessing the need for affordable housing, support for our youth and families, and a City Council that is dedicated to supporting ALL residents of Rockland.

For these reasons, I will proudly vote for Kaitlin Callahan for Rockland City Council on November 7th. I know Kaitlin is prepared to take action because I have witnessed her doing so time and time again. Rockland will be a better place with Kaitlin Callahan on our City Council, and I am excited to see the benefits that come from her appointment.

Jesse Lucas lives in Rockland